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AI and Machine Learning

How is IT Sales evolving in the age of Automation and AI?

For as long as I can remember, IT Sales has always been about three words: Product, Product, Product. Technology was evolving at such a rapid pace, that you didn’t even.

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RPA and Citrix...a love story

As Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to progress both in capability and scope, businesses are expanding their use beyond MainFrame/Legacy/Desktop/Web Applications into the realm of Citrix/Virtualized environments.

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How does a machine “learn”?

Talk to a machine learning expert about implementing anything and they will say, we need to “train” the system first.  What they usually mean is that the system will be.

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Applied Machine Learning and AI - "You said what?"

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly moving from the realm of research to business and consumer application to power critical functions of businesses like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. AI.

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Applied AI and Machine Learning - Address Parsing - Old problem, new solution

Machine learning and AI are very rapidly moving from the realm of research to business and consumer applications. It already powers many critical functions of large business like Google, Facebook and.

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Quick wins for your business using AI

An undeniable fact is that every company is trying to find a quick, straightforward way to get an edge in their market. While there are a lot of solutions claiming to.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Financial Auditing

If companies and businesses want to ensure future success, it’s imperative to accept and embrace the capabilities provided by robots. Artificial intelligence won’t always be perfect but it can dramatically.

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'Software Robots' in use at Law Firm in Automation Push

A law firm that is already a pioneer of using business process improvement is implementing software robots to make their work more efficient.  For example, a process within the firm’s.

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